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for cleantech companies


Develop your corporate identity with a complete marketing strategy



Our Mission:


To create a cleaner, more sustainable planet through technological and business innovation.



Our Vision:


To accelerate cleantech industries through integrated marketing communication.



Eco Branding was founded in 2011 to address a growing trend in the cleantech industry: lack of effective marketing. We observed that as clean technology, markets and policies were becoming more sophisticated, companies seemed to be fundamentally ignoring the need to communicate themselves properly to their target audience.

At Eco Branding, we understand how to effectively communicate cleantech in different ways than engineers and technologists. By keeping your amazing products and end users in mind, we create  tools to support your salesforce, enhance lead generation, build company awareness and support growth at every level of your organization.



We have a passion for cleantech that gives us an edge in what we do


You have the technology. We know the market. Let us take your ideas and transform them into a corporate brand that will keep you ahead of the curve.