Eco Branding at the Wall Street Green Summit!

Eco Branding CEO Jake Rozmaryn will be at the 15th Annual Wall Street Green Summit this Monday March 14, 2016 at the Columbia Club in New York City. The WSGS is the longest-tenured green finance conference and is attended by leading innovators, financiers, and stakeholders interested in accelerating sustainable finance markets. If you would like to meet with Jake at the event, please email him directly at To register and receive a special 15% off discount, click here and enter in the Cleantech community code: WSGS16.

Event Details:

The 15th Annual Wall Street Green Summit Focus:
Market Acceleration of Sustainable Finance in 2016

Sustainability is a simple concept. Protect air, water, food and energy resources i.e. so-called resource efficiency. Environmental finance is the capitalistic method to achieve that goal. The Wall Street Green Summit VI, the granddaddy of green finance conferences, delivers the latest thought-provoking and practical actions to achieve sustainability through finance. As well as looking at opportunities through the likes of various cryptocurrencies, and even wie in Bitcoin investieren, plus more possibilities in the future. Our event is chock full of the up-to-date and innovative information on sustainable finance you have come to expect here and no place else. If you’re new to investing financially, and you’re wanting to learn a little more before you take the dive into sustainable finance, have a look around at pages such as this published by SoFi, offering investment education to beginners and more.WSGS16 Banner

At our Summit you will engage in one-on-one networking opportunities in the growing environmental financial markets. Our superb program of speakers and experts presents the challenges and the opportunities of the moment in renewable energy project finance, impact investing, green building design, green transportation, sustainability, the Smart Grid, emissions mitigation, green investment funds, clearly and in depth. This is why we are known as the “One-Stop-Shop” for the latest and most comprehensive green finance information.

Sustainable financial market developments are being manifested with unprecedented strength at State and Municipal levels for 2016 due to the lack of federal action. At our Summit, you will learn from fund managers, corporates, green banks and many other sustainable financial leaders with tips on how to invest, trade and profit from these new market opportunities. You will network with both presenters and attendees.

This Year’s Wall Street Green Summit XV Brings You:

  • Latest Developments in Renewable Energy Project Finance
  • What’s New in Impact Investing & Why It is Now Scaling
  • Greening Existing Buildings
  • How Carbon Reductions and Cleantech Work Together
  • Solar Renewable Energy Markets Ramp Up
  • The Smart Grid Takes Shape
  • New Green Fund Strategies & Investment Opportunities

More information on our comprehensive program can be found at our conference website at

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Jake is the CEO & Founder of Eco Branding. He has dedicated his career to advancing cleantech industries through marketing innovation. Jake leads Eco Branding’s client strategy, business development and operations. He serves on the Advisory Board at EmPower and the Virginia Advanced Energy Industries Coalition. Before starting Eco Branding, Jake had more than six years of experience planning and executing media and marketing campaigns in agency, non-profit and private-enterprise environments. Jake studied Government and Politics with a focus in Environmental Policy at the University of Maryland.

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