Gratitude for the Unknown

Thanksgiving is a great time to pause and appreciate both the big and little things in one’s life. Instead of writing about my gratitude for my network of family, friends, co-workers

Designed by Freepik

Designed by Freepik

and clients—which I am grateful for—I instead want to step out of my comfort zone and appreciate what has yet to come.

Of great discomfort among industry counterparts these days is the pending expiration of the solar ITC and what that means for the solar industry and renewable energy as a whole. However, there is no better industry or group of innovators who can tackle such a challenge. Whether it expires next year or is extended to expire another day, I am thankful for an industry who will rise to the occasion to ensure that its mission continues and that renewable energy will be a large and normal part of the utility mix.

I am grateful for what’s to come: the energy storage innovation that has yet to be introduced and has the potential to change not just how our country, but the world consumes power. I look forward to meeting the entrepreneur whose idea will become stronger through collaboration with a like-minded community. I know that the work we all do each day will change how the future of energy looks from a production, use and savings point of view.

Wherever we are headed, this Thanksgiving I am grateful that despite all the unpredictable things that are going on in the world right now, the future still looks bright.


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Amanda brings over ten years’ experience in building sustainable and renewable energy brands. Amanda has a M.B.A. from Portland State University, a B.A. from University of Oregon and honed her green business skills with a post-graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Amanda is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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