We Like to Rebrand Too! Eco Branding Launches New Website

Welcome to our new website!

Eco Branding is excited to announce the launch of our second generation corporate website.  Just as we encourage our clients to stay ahead of the curve, we too are always refreshing and rebranding. We remain true to our roots—with our mission and vision to accelerate cleantech with marketing—but with a new look.

This latest version provides a user-friendly layout within a fresh design. We chose to utilize a design that incorporates elements of our old logo and brand but with a new flat design and modern twist.

In this second generation, it was important to the Eco Branding team to showcase the many clients and partners that we work with. This site highlights our clients and provides details and links to pages with media coverage, press releases, case studies and more. As much as we love our design, we want our work to speak for itself. The Clients page provides the opportunity for past, current and prospective clients to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the breadth of work we do.

We also want to showcase our board of advisors and thank them for all their guidance in the work that we do

  • Don Lintvet, President, MarketSmart Advisors

    Eco Branding's Board of Advisors

    Eco Branding’s Board of Advisors

  • Frank Andorka, President and CCO of Narrative Solutions
  • Seth Stulgis, Vice President , Kenergy Solar
  • Adam Small, General Council, Major Energy Services

Thank you!

Along with our new look, we have new member on the team, Amanda Brodbaek. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amanda is a visionary marketer with 10+ years of marketing success in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable retail. Amanda will be supporting a variety of our cleantech clients and business development team. Read Amanda’s full bio here.

We hope you enjoy the new website and look forward to adding your future successful projects with Eco Branding to its pages.

As always, if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you!

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Danielle is a partner and Senior Account Executive for Eco Branding. She is passionate about bringing her communications expertise to the cleantech industry. Danielle has over 7 years of public relations experience in different industries. She has a B.A. from the University of Maryland in Communication and Psychology with a focus in Public Relations. Danielle is a guest contributor for Renewable Energy World and Alternative Energy Magazine. Based in New York, Danielle enjoys hiking, camping, music and good beer!

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