Report Preview: 2014 Solar Marketing Outlook

As we gear up for the release of our 2014 Solar Marketing Outlook report, we are excited to announce an all-star Q&A panel with some of the solar industry’s leading marketers. Eco Branding’s research team has been working diligently over the past year conducting research and compiling data for this publication, which will include a solar marketing performance analysis, solar executive marketing roundtable, case studies of innovative marketing campaigns and solar and marketing projections for the upcoming year.

With the constant evolution and expansion of social media, marketing has faced many challenges over the past few years. Solar marketers must constantly revise and update their tactics to successfully reach consumers with new social marketing trends. Having been behind for many years, the solar industry is currently beginning to adapt to the less traditional marketing tactics being employed in other industries to abundant success. To stay ahead of the curve, we selected a panel of experienced marketers and communicators to discuss the effects of government changes, solar challenges, marketing advances, social media and personalization in marketing and much more. These industry leaders will provide key insights through a Q&A roundtable.

Round-table Participants:

Frank Andorka is the Editorial Director for Solar Power World Magazine. Andorka is known across the industry and is a super-star solar communications professional.

Nick Hofer is the Vice President of Marketing for OneRoof Energy, a technology-rich solar finance provider that has quickly become one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing.

Sarah Ross is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sungage, a leading provider of products and services to help homeowners make smart investments in solar.

Jason Deelstra is the Marketing Director at Vivint Solar, one of the largest providers of solar energy solution in the U.S.

This roundtable is just one element of the 2014 Solar Marketing Outlook to help give solar companies a better understanding of how to invest their marketing dollars. Get a free copy of the 2014 Solar Marketing Outlook by taking our three-minute survey. All survey respondents are automatically entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card.

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Danielle is a partner and Senior Account Executive for Eco Branding. She is passionate about bringing her communications expertise to the cleantech industry. Danielle has over 7 years of public relations experience in different industries. She has a B.A. from the University of Maryland in Communication and Psychology with a focus in Public Relations. Danielle is a guest contributor for Renewable Energy World and Alternative Energy Magazine. Based in New York, Danielle enjoys hiking, camping, music and good beer!