CleanWatch Notables – May 2013

This month, we’ve rounded up smart and valuable tips for clean tech marketing. In this economy, quick, easy and affordable marketing strategies are vital in implementing successful campaigns without breaking the bank. Here’s this month’s CleanWatch Notables on effective, financially sustainable green marketing.

Marketing Notes:

  1. Drew Palmer comments on the importance of both inbound and outbound marketing techniques for solar marketing strategies. He emphasizes the benefits of outbound marketing strategies such as direct mail, email blasts, and targeted banner ads, while highlighting the importance of inbound marketing plans like creating SEO content and strengthening social media campaigns. In this piece, Palmer offers holistic tips to foster strategic and effective marketing tactics. Check out more here.
  2. In an article published by, Barbara Veregtis Lundin discusses consumer energy preferences. Citing a study from Navigant Research, she explains that consumer acceptance of renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) is nearly 70% among respondents, while smart grid is looked upon favorably by just 35% of surveyed consumers, varying across demographics. From here, Lundin posits that the majority of consumers do not understand the smart grid concept and must be educated on its benefits. Read more about this study, and the importance of consumer outreach and utilities integrating smart grid here.
  3. In this economic climate, affordable marketing tactics are key in a successful start up. Gavin Turner and C. Jason Payne write on about three cheap tips for effective marketing. Even companies on a budget that can’t afford a formal marketing campaign can benefit from these strategies. Click here to read about savvy marketing tips for your cleantech business here.

Messaging and Branding Notes:

  1. Wondering how to pump up the authority of your brand?

In an interesting piece from, Catherine Clifford suggests considering brand recognition lessons from Fair Trade USA, whose logo is widely recognized as a symbol of ethical consumerism, community empowerment, and sustainability. If taking brand recognition lessons isn’t your thing, you could try RangeMe, where your brand can be recognized by the world’s biggest retailers through cpg distributors. Otherwise, Clifford illustrates three core strategies employed by Fair Trade to strengthen your start up’s brand recognition: consumer identification, focusing on customer needs and using social media to inspire and build support. Read more in detail about these strategies here.

  1. The Green Marketer published an article this month that illustrates the trend of green marketing for Generation Y. Rebecca McClay reports that eco-friendly branding especially resonates with millenials, who prioritize sustainability more than any previous generation. This is particularly important to keep in mind when marketing to students for example. McClay recommends marketing products and policies that underscore earth-friendly features and emphasize brand connection to the global community. Learn more about green marketing for a mindful generation here.
  2. In a piece published in Green Tech Media, Stephen Lacey writes about the powerful impact of personalizing messages when selling sustainability to conservatives. Lacey ultimately concludes that people across the political spectrum often make decisions based on the actions of their peers, through word of mouth, and community oriented education. Read more of Lacey’s thoughtful advice on politically polarized messaging here.

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