CleanWatch Notables – April 2013

This month, the world of clean energy saw many innovative achievements, discussed developments in marketing strategies and shared interesting new stories with the online community. Here’s our round-up of some of this month’s highlights in articles, editorials and blog posts, in the April edition of CleanWatch Notables.

Clean Tech Notes:

  1. Future360 released a short video summing up the emerging clean tech trends of 2013. This fun video features soundbites from many influential thought leaders and entrepreneurs, with tips on this year’s most innovative and progressive technologies. Check it out here.

Future 360: Cleantech Trends 2013

2. In an article from, Graham Lawlor, the founder of Ultra Light Startups, aggregated his top four trends in energy that entrepreneurs shouldn’t overlook. He emphasizes the potential in natural gas, new nuclear technologies, storage solutions for renewables, and securing corporate partnerships to procure business growth. This piece offers great advice and direction for budding startups. Click here to read more.

Marketing Notes:

  1. Matthew Gonnering of iMedia Connection wrote an enlightening piecerevealing the secret tools to achieving successful inbound marketing. As Gonnering explains, “core four” marketing strategies, which include search marketing, content generation, PR, and social media, are essential in enabling company growth. Gonnering also suggests simple and immediate actions that can help companies with any budget or size to develop a successful brand.
  2. In an instructive article on sustainable digital media strategies, Debra Johnson explains that small business success depends on marketing prowess. Here, she highlights three simple ideas for company advertising and promotion, without increasing company carbon footprint. These strategies are cost effective, environmentally conscientious, and incredibly practical. Take advantage of these sustainable marketing tips for your start-up here.
  3. Econsultancy published powerfully informative case studies that illustrate the impact of social media based marketing on communications. This gold mine compilation of white papers including statistics, infographics, and best practice blog content, is a strong and effective resource for managing your social media campaign. Check it out here.

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